Clinical Research Services Professional Day

This year's program will consist of an educational, engaging and fun, one-day retreat for the CTSI-CRS team and invited guests.

Date: Friday, September 7, 2012 - 8:00am to 4:00pm

Location: Mission Bay, Fisher Room

RSVP by Tuesday, September 4th to Laura Kwong

Highlights will include:

  • Opening remarks by Dr. Bill Balke on the state and future directions of the CTSI-CRS
  • Drs. Peter Hunt and Jeffrey Bluestone will present on key findings for their studies supported by CRS Cores
  • Break out groups will be held on Good Clinical Practice and How To Be Productively Disruptive in a Crazy World
  • Team building activities
  • Gifts of Appreciation to all CRS Staff Members
  • CE Credits will be offered to nurse, study coordinator, RD staff
  • Raffle Prizes will be held in the 2nd half of the day (noon-4pm)
  • And more!

View the day's agenda

Two additional activities have been added this year:

Call-Outs: In our continuous efforts to recognize CRS staff for notable and important individual, team and organizational successes, a "CRS Call Out" will be added to the CRS Professional Day Event. All "Call Outs" should be anonymous and clearly name the CRS staff person being recognized and the reason/success outcome for the recognition. Collection boxes will be placed at each CRS site at a specific location to be decided by your site team where you can drop your "Call Outs". Index cards will be provided. All "Call Outs" should be submitted by Tuesday, September 4th. If you have questions, please contact your Core Manager.

Questions for Dr. Balke: You will also have the opportunity to pose anonymous questions to Dr. Bill Balke on any topic of interest such as the current and future directions of the CRS, what he feels his greatest accomplishment is, or even who his favorite singer is. Dr. Balke will randomly select questions to respond to following his keynote presentation at the start of the day. Questions can be written on index cards and also be dropped in the same collection box as the "Call Outs". All questions should be submitted by Tuesday, September 4th. Should you have questions, please contact your Core Manager.