UCSF-Quest Dementia Project to Present at Partnering for Cures

Session Video now online

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Quest Diagnostics have been selected to present together on the UCSF-Dementia Project at the 6th annual Partnering for Cures, November 16-18 in New York City. Convened by FasterCures, the Washington, D.C.-based center of the Milken Institute, the conference will bring together nearly 1,000 medical research leaders, investors and decision-makers to forge the collaborations needed to speed and improve outcomes-driven R&D.

The UCSF-Quest Dementia Project aims to improve the delivery of primary care for dementia by creating a care delivery value chain (CDVC) pathway – an optimal algorithm for guiding physicians through the most appropriate steps for diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Presenters will share how the project uniquely leverages the strengths of UCSF dementia discovery and clinical research together with Quest Diagnostics’ unparalleled network of patients and providers to validate and implement the pathway. This is also the first major project under a broad collaboration agreement between UCSF and Quest to accelerate the translation of biomedical research into advanced diagnostics tools for improved patient care. 

Partnering for Cures is designed to facilitate informed investments and cultivate relationships, adapting the outcomes-oriented approach of investor conferences, and building on the networking opportunities at industry partnering meetings. In addition to innovator presentations, it also features panels that spotlight solutions to long-standing challenges in medical research.

“We’re excited to launch the UCSF-Quest Dementia Project before the Partnering for Cures event. This collaborative project will lead to improved diagnosis and care for patients starting at the very first visit to the primary care provider.” said June Lee, MD, director of Early Translational Research at UCSF’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) who will present at the event.

Other presenters from the UCSF-Quest Dementia project will include Michael Geschwind, MD, PhD, associate professor of Neurology at UCSF and Joseph J. Higgins, MD, FAAN, medical director of Neurology at Quest Diagnostics. 

The UCSF-Quest Dementia panelists make up part of the 30 innovators presenting their cross-sector research collaboration to potential partners and funders at the conference. Selected through a competitive proposal process, each partnership is aimed at reducing the time and cost of getting new medical solutions from discovery to patients.

“These collaborations address some of the thorniest issues in medical research using models that can be scaled and translated across diseases,” said FasterCures’ Executive Director Margaret Anderson. “From re-imagining clinical trial infrastructure to improving and expanding data sharing, to creating the tools and resources needed to translate basic science into cures, they are accelerating the path from lab to market for novel – and needed – therapies.”

For more information and to register for the conference, go to www.partneringforcures.org